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The Truth Behind King Tut’s Curse (Psst…It’s Mold)

“Death Shall Come On Swift Wings To Him Who Disturbs The King.” This is the so-called curse written in hieroglyphics on the entrance to his tomb discovered by Howard Carter and his team of archaeologists. Many on Carter’s team believed the curse to be real after many suffered illnesses and even death. However, modern day scientists […]

Mold: How To Protect Your Home

Did you know there is over 100,000 species of mold worldwide? Impressive right…unless you find it in your home (well that’s aside from penicillin and some good old Roquefort cheese). Mold is virtually everywhere (yes even in Antarctica!…Don’t believe me? Google it.) so it is impossible to avoid running into it, however with these 5 tips […]

Asbestos Could Be Lurking In Your Home : Do You Know Where To Look?

Asbestos occurs naturally in mineral form and is a strong, heat-resistant fibre, however, it is also a tiny and potentially deadly component used to strengthen man-made materials. Materials containing asbestos are called ACMs. The fibres are “700 times smaller than human hair,” and when broken up an ACM will release the toxic particles into the […]